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Interface Manager Plugin


The purpose of this plugin is to manage the interfaces for the ArdexaLinux edge device. The plugin is managed using DEVICES MENU -> {Device} -> NETWORK SETTINGS tab. This plugin is not compatible with Cloud Connect.

Iface Manager

The Iface Manager plugin is a set of tools that ensures the interfaces to the Ardexa edge device are active, and maintain a consistent, reliable connection to the Internet. The Ardexa edge device will use Ethernet and wifi (if the edge device is equipped with wifi). It can also use any installed modem. Normally, the ArdexaLinux image contains all the necessary modules to manage the Ethernet and Wifi network interfaces. To check that you have the latest iface manager plugin, select DEVICES MENU -> {Device} -> MACHINE PLUGINS and either go to the "MANAGEMENT PLUGINS" tab or select the "INSTALL PLUGINS -> MANAGEMENT to check if the latest version of iface-manager is installed.

Modem Usage

iface-manager Ardexa plugins greater than 1.4.2 will include the tools necessary to manage modems. Please note that if an Ethernet or Wifi connection is in place, then the modem will not be used. This is a design feature. There is a package called Ardexa Modem included with the version of iface-manager. It is a python package which automates a lot of the modem setup and control functions. To use the modem you must have a valid SIM card installed in the modem, and be within coverage of the provider's area. It is also strongly recommended you attach an antenna.
As of version 1.6.0, there are now two ways to manage modems: the legacy serial manager and the new WWAN manager. The procedure remains mostly the same, but the output and some configuration options will differ slightly.
By default, the modem will attempt to automatically configure itself, e.g. discover the APN, but manual override is also available if you need a specific APN or init string.