The purpose of this plugin is to collect data from Satcon Inverters.


This plugin collects from Satcon Inverters. Specifically, the following inverters will be collected:
It uses the Modbus protocol and collects data via TCP or RS485. Inverter data will be collected to the solar table and will be run every 5 minutes, by default. This plugin relies on the Modbus Ardexa plugin. The following data will be collected:
Variable Name Units
Fault 1
Fault 3
Fault 4
Grid Status
Status 6
Status 7
PCS State
DC Power W
PCS DC Voltage V
DC Voltage V
DC Current A
Reactive Power var
AC Power W
Apparent Power VA
AC Voltage 1 V
AC Voltage 2 V
AC Voltage 3 V
AC Current 1 A
AC Current 2 A
AC Current 3 A
Cos Phi
Grid Freq Hz
AC Power Max Limit W
DC Current 1 A
DC Current 2 A
DC Current 3 A
DC Current 4 A
DC Current 5 A
DC Current 6 A
DC Current 7 A
DC Current 8 A
DC Current 9 A
DC Current 10 A
DC Current 11 A
DC Current 12 A


Arguments are as follows:
  • configuration file. This is the configuration file for the inverter type. Choose from the list provided.
  • endpoint. This is either a serial device like /dev/ttyS0 or an IP or DNS like
  • --bus_addresses. This is an optional parameter, and is the modbus address for the inverter. This usually sstarts with "1", for the first inverter.
  • --port. This is an optional parameter used in an Ethernet gateway, and is the TCP port used for the gateway. Default is 502
  • --attempts. This is an optional parameter, and determines how many times to times to attempt to read an inverter value. Default is 1
  • --delay. This is the delay in seconds between inverter send and receive commands, AND if attempts > 1. Fractions like 0.3 can be used. Default is 0.05
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